Allie Mousseau prepares to move her family out of the RV park "Campland on the Bay" to save costs. The Mousseau's live an unconventional life by choosing to live in a RV. Pacific Beach, CA.
 Koda watches over her siblings Ben and Ruby as they swim at Campland on the Bay. Pacific Beach, CA.
 Koda finishes packing up the "Minnie Winnie" before the family departs from Campland on the Bay. Pacific Beach, CA.
 Ruby and Koda search for breakfast at Frazier Farms in Oceanside, CA. They both follow a vegan diet. 
 Ben and Koda play a friendly game of basketball in Encinitas, CA.
 Allie watches a home movie of the Mousseau's trip around the United States. Carlsbad, CA.
 Koda leaves the RV to have some time to herself. Carlsbad, CA.
 The Mousseau's run across the road to catch the last rays of sunlight. Carlsbad, CA.
 Ruby points out dolphins in the ocean to her mother Allie in Carlsbad, CA.
 Koda hangs out her towel to dry after returning from the laundromat. Carlsbad, CA.
 Ruby plays with the family dog "Percy" in Encinitas, CA.
 Ruby and Koda sprint to outrun the waves at Moonlight Beach in Encinitas, CA.
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